Take Off


You have set high targets for your organisation and you would like to increase your profit margin by cost reduction? You have achieved much by utilising the available resources, however, you are now stuck on the ladder of success?

There are many methods and strategies to identify and materialise profit potentials, however, not each of them proves successful. Therefore, it is important to develop a plan tailored for your organisation and showing you how to achieve your objective. Answers to the following questions can serve as a basis to develop your personal strategy:

  • What is the cost structure of your organisation/product/manufacturing process?
  • Where might non-identified cost-drivers be hidden?

Based on an analysis of further surrounding conditions (market environment, supplier base, business processes) we can jointly determine and implement your strategy for profit increase. Our specific expertise with cost issues can support you in climbing further up on the ladder of success. Benefit from  …

  • Expert knowledge in the area of product cost calculation
  • Know-how in purchasing, R&D and cost optimisation
  • Competent assistance with establishing an own cost management system

We will be pleased to let you know more about our ideas on how you can increase your profit.

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